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"Москва. Вид на Кремль со стороны 


Moscow. View of the Kremlin from

the Moskva river


24 July 1970

Dear Carol:

I walked across the bridge in this picture

yesterday afternoon, having crossed Red Square

on my way from a Bathhouse to a trolley stop.

I am in Moscow for the summer, studying at

Moscow U. Our Soviet counterparts have been

most hospitable. There is much study, but still

time to see Moscow. I feel well integrated

into Soviet life: I already have been asked to

give directions. In July I go to Leningrad &

in August to Kiev. It’s cool - in the 60’s. I feel

vigorous. The days are full - and a week in

town is an adventure. It’s convenient to get

from one place to another. The Univ. is simply

Immense. Many foreign students. It’s all

wonderful -

just wonderful!


  • Dan"

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